Nurturing quality of life.

As a family-owned and operated farming operation, great care goes into everything we do. From our family members to our team members, even our pigs – we believe in treating others with respect, offering a helping hand and giving them the tools to be the best they can be. We also support the communities we live in and those that our team members live in. That includes being active members of our communities, churches and schools, and protecting the local environment in any way we can. Pillen Family Farms believes in nurturing quality of life ... for our generation and many more to come.

Providing Local Support.

Providing local support

Whether it’s offering financial support to a local school organization, volunteering our time to local charitable organizations or making a conscious effort to buy locally, we believe in giving back to the communities we live and work in. By doing our part to strengthen our local communities, businesses and organizations, we can help create the best possible life for our team members, families and neighbors.

Providing Environmental Stewardship.

Providing environmental stewardship.

The Pillen family has been working with the land for three generations. We understand the importance of clean air and water and do our part to help safeguard the environment. We continue to look for ways to implement best practices and conservation techniques to create healthy, clean farms for our pigs, team members and neighbors. We have experienced agronomy leadership members and work to comply with all Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulations. This includes: manure management plans, natural air filters such as tree lines and shrub plantings, biofilter systems, lined lagoons, and more.

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